Clayton Devoy Carpenter

Aspiring Game Programmer


Navigate through a 3D maze by changing gravity


Project length: 9 weeks


Platform: PC


Engine: In-house enginge (Tengine) with Havok Physics


Game Description: Navigate through a wrecked ship by switching your personal gravity up or down. Each level has four buttons that you need to press to unlock the door to the next level. Avoid falling out of the ship and the hot heat sinks!


My contribution: Most of my time spent on this project was learning how Havok Physics works and implementing it. I also worked on lighting, loading and handling the art assets and models. The last part of the project was spent using the systems my co-programmer made to put the game together. For example the buttons, particles and heat sinks had their own systems, and I implemented them into the levels.

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Last updated: Feb 10 - 2015